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Game, Software and App Localization

I’ve always been fond of games and a casual gamer who loves role-playing games, video games, Facebook games, mobile games and multiplayer games. I am also interested in mobile apps and software. As gamer and user of mobile apps and


Website Localization

I’ve been interested in websites creation since 2001 when I developed my first website with Dreamweaver. Throughout these years I’ve become interested in graphic design, HTML, CSS, blogs, SEO and Marketing. Obviously, I’ve found this knowledge very useful to localize


Proofreading and editing

I will be happy to help you if you want that your Spanish texts reach a high standard. My proofreading and editing services include checking for incorrect spelling and grammar, inconsistencies in terminology and style. I have specific qualifications in


Travel & Tourism Translation

I have both a degree in Tourism (Lodging Management) and Translation so I am highly qualified to translate all type of Travel-Tourism-and-Cuisine related content. I love translating this type of texts since I’ve always been interested in Tourism industry. And


Legal Translation

I am specialized in legal translation. I have wide experience translating all type of legal documents such as agreements, powers of attorneys, wills, birth/death/marriage certificates, criminal records, student transcripts, terms and conditions…


Audiovisual Translation

This term of audiovisual translation refers to the translation of all type of audio and video media. I am specialized in this translation field which includes voice-over, subtitling and transcription. I must confess that I love watching movies, TV series

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